Frederik Roosdorp

Amsterdam 1839-1865
Shipping in a calm river near a village, oil on panel 14.2 x 17.6 cm, signed l.l. with initial

Little is known about Frederik Roosdorp except that he was born in Amsterdam in 1839 and specialised in painting sun-drenched, animated urban scenes. His training is likewise undocumented, but his work contains all the characteristic features of the romantic townscapes that developed as a genre in Holland and especially Amsterdam between 1830 and 1850, with meticulous execution, strong contrasts between light and shadow and an eye for traditional Dutch architecture. One of the leading exponents of this genre was Cornelis Springer, and like him Roosdorp painted both imaginary and topographically correct urban views. Because he died at a young age, Roosdorp left only a small oeuvre.

This painting is registered in the art archive of Simonis & Buunk.

insurance value: € 4,500.-
starting bid: € 2,000.-

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