How to bid


Bids can be submitted with a minimum of the reserve, indicated by ‘starting bid’. If only one bid has been submitted on a lot, the reserve counts as the second-highest bid. In the Vickrey auction, a bid is a written ‘maximum’ bid. Bidders are therefore advised to set their bid to the maximum price for which they are content as a buyer.

If this is the first time you participate, include with your bid a copy of a government-issued ID. All bids go exclusively and directly to notary mr. S.P.P.M Soons by downloading the bidding form to the right of the page (or down below in mobile web version) and sending it completed and signed:

  • per letter: Notariskantoor Soons, Postbus 19, 6666 ZG Heteren
  • per email:
  • per fax: 026-4790479

Note that the notary must have received your bid before 09:00 on the day of the auction or be present at the auction in the saleroom. Receipt of bids by e-mail or fax will be confirmed by return.


The auction is publicly accessible and takes place in Fischer’s House. Bidding is possible until 09:00 on the day of the auction. On this day there is a final opportunity to view the lots and bid live during the auction that starts at 16:00. Bidding during the auction also proceeds by submitting a completed bidding form. Until the gavel hits the surface, only the notary has knowledge of the bids. When the notary has collected and administered all bids, the gavel falls. He announces the hammer price (second-highest bid) and continues with the next lot.


The second-highest bid is the hammer price. Thus, if you are the highest bidder, the hammer price is the maximum bid of the second-highest bidder. After the auction the notary passes on to Fischer’s Auction per lot: the name and contact details of the highest and second-highest bidder, but the amount of the highest bid remains strictly confidential. The highest bidders will be informed by phone on the evening after the auction.

Purchase price

The purchase price is formed by the hammer price, with a minimum of the reserve, plus 10% buyer’s premium. The buyer’s premium includes VAT and, if applicable, resale royalty. If only one bid has been submitted on a particular lot, the reserve is the hammer price.


The second-highest bidder receives a bonus of 5% of his bid in the form of a voucher valid for a purchase in the collection of Simonis & Buunk.

Certificate and authenticity

Every artwork is provided with a certificate issued by F. Buunk, registered art appraiser of 17th-20th century paintings, with the Insurance value as mentioned in the catalogue. In the name of Simonis & Buunk Collectie BV, Fischer’s Auction issues a lifelong guarantee of autheticity of all auctioned artworks.

Right of exchange

Every purchased lot at Fischer’s Auction can be exchanged with a value of the purchase price (including buyer’s premium) until one year after the auction in the collection of Simonis & Buunk. For exceptions please refer to the terms and conditions. If the purchase price exceeds the insurance value, then the artwork can be exchanged for the insurance value. Lots that have been sold via Fischer’s Auction that were property of third party sellers can also be traded in.

Payment and collection

Full payment of the purchase price must be received at the latest seven days after the auction. Payment can be done by wire transfer (NL05 RABO 0387 0644 00 in the name of Simonis & Buunk Collectie BV), debit card or cash (until € 10,000). Credit cards are not accepted. After receipt of full purchase price, the artwork must be collected within two weeks.


The notary keeps the amount of all bids strictly confidential and what lots the bidders have bid on, with the exception of the second-highest bid. The notary only provides the contact details of all bidders to Fischer’s Auction and per lot the identity of the highest and second-highest bidders, to draw up the invoice and the bonus for the second-highest bidder. Fischer’s Auction behaves strictly to these rules and does not ask questions in violation of these rules.

Terms and Conditions

Find the Terms and Conditions here. These apply on all bids and other legal acts. In case of differences between the Terms and Conditions and the information above, the Terms and Conditions prevail.


On this website you can find the FAQ. For any remaining questions you can email Kas Buunk,, or the secretariat,

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